Learn about the incredible milestones reached by some of our changemakers this year. 

December 18, 2023


Celebrate Audacious Impact This Giving Season

By supporting the work of Audacious projects you make a difference in the lives of communities all over the world -  learn about some of the incredible milestones reached by these organizations this year. 

Waterford Upstart 

For the 2022-2023 school year Upstart reached 38,232 of some of the hardest-to-reach Pre-K learners in 31 US states, providing families with quality kindergarten readiness programs designed to address access barriers. Waterford UPSTART was also recently awarded a $13.9 million Education Innovation and Research grant from the U.S. Department of Education, a bipartisan effort focused on expanding school readiness in rural communities across 16 southern states.

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Clean Slate Initiative 

Since the beginning of 2023, two new US states, Minnesota and New York have passed Clean Slate policies and in April one million people received automatic record clearance on the first day Michigan’s Clean Slate law took effect after it was passed in 2020.

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Project CETI 

Recently the Project CETI Theory Team presented the paper “A Theory of Unsupervised Translation Motivated by Understanding Animal Communication” at the leading computer science meeting, NeurIPS. This is one of the first animal communication papers ever accepted at the meeting. You can also learn about the latest advances in decoding whale communication in the TED-ED lesson, Do Whales Have Accents? authored by project lead David Gruber.  

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Last Mile Health 

In September Last Mile Health and Integrate Health announced a joint commitment to work with four African countries to strengthen community health worker programs. This initiative looks to increase the number of paid, professional community health workers who identify as women and will also strengthen gender-responsive programming to enable better quality care for women and children.

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SIRUM’s front-line pharmacy Good Pill launched in Illinois in 2023. Powered by donated surplus medicine, Good Pill reduces the waste of unused and unexpired drugs and sustainably brings safe home delivery of medication to patients in need. Founded in Georgia in 2017, Good Pill is already successfully providing patients across 130+ Georgia counties with life-saving medication worth an estimated $65 million, resulting in patient savings of $150/month on average. 

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