David Gaspar of the Bail Project

December 7, 2022

The Audacious Project

How do we fix the broken US cash bail system? It starts with those most impacted.

Through his personal experience as a previously incarcerated person David Gaspar the National Director of Operations at the Bail Project  understands that the impact of the US criminal legal system on individuals and families – especially the bail system – can be detrimental.

“Imagine a world where you have those who have been impacted working side by side with those who have the means to do something about it.” -  David Gaspar, Bail Project.

Folks who are in jail because they cannot pay bail risk losing their jobs, housing, their children, or worse - and remember, these are people who have not been convicted of a crime.

David shares how by disrupting the cash bail system The Bail Project aims to turn the tide on mass incarceration in the US.  

This video was shown on stage during the Audacious Session (Session 4) at TED2022 Conference in Vancouver, BC.

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