Audacious Grantees on the TED stage

April 12, 2023


Insights from the last five years

A core tenet of The Audacious Project is learning. We ask our projects to carefully measure their progress — and report back on both their wins and the challenges they face. So in this anniversary year, we wanted to do the same. Here are five insights from the first five years of supporting grantees onward to bigger impact.

Insight #1: Audacity inspires catalytic, transformative change

An Audacious project has that special ability to take your breath away: it is grand in scope and ambition, but also has credible plans for execution. For grantees, the Audacious experience can unlock a dramatic shift in mindset, leading to fresh perspectives on how to operate and the freedom to take risks in service of transformational change.

Insight #2: Community is one of the richest parts of the experience

Being part of a community of grantees and donors committed to change is a powerful part of the Audacious experience. Deep relationships and support networks have developed over the years — and Audacious is actively working to expand this. 

Insight #3: Flexibility, imagination and resilience are underrated values

Events in the real world can throw up unexpected hurdles for projects — and organizations have had to be flexible and imaginative to overcome challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. Agility and resilience are critical, but can also reap big rewards.

Insight #4: Audacious accolades have a compounding effect

“Success begets success.” That’s how one grantee described the ripple effects of receiving Audacious funding. For many organizations, joining the Audacious community has led to greater attention for their cause, increased influence and more investment from others.

Insight #5: Flexible funding gives the space to do what’s necessary

The flexible and long-term nature of Audacious funding has been a breath of fresh air for many grantees. Projects are able to pivot toward emerging needs, strengthen their internal capacity and invest in improving equity — the things that are often hard to find funds for.

Insight #6: Accelerated growth does mean growing pains

The ramped-up scale that comes with Audacious transforms our grantees’ work — but rapid growth can also take its toll on organizations, especially in the early years of the journey. Navigating these growing pains can lay the foundations for future success.

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