Audacious Project executive director Anna Verghese and head of TED Chris Anderson onstage at TED2019 in Vancouver, BC, Canada. (Photo: Dian Lofton / TED)

April 11, 2022

The Audacious Project

Introducing The Audacious Project’s new cohort

Communities around the globe are grappling with division and uncertainty. Lasting and transformative change on the world’s most pressing challenges will require us to work together and find common ground. At The Audacious Project, we aspire to be a lever for courageous collaboration, supporting those who are reimagining and rebuilding our systems to better meet the demands of this moment.

This past year, the Audacious community has come together to catalyze more than $900 million for nine bold projects. Sourced from our global network, and supported by our team over the past 12 months, these projects hope to create clear pathways to a better future.

The 2021-22 Audacious Project grantees are:

These projects reflect continued collaboration between a group of global partners, philanthropic organizations and determined individuals who believe in the power of pooling significant, long-term resources in service of impact. Our hope is that this inspires others to engage in the work too.

This new cohort joins an existing Audacious portfolio of 39 projects, with over $3.1 billion of philanthropic dollars catalyzed since 2015. Four cycles into this program, the Audacious projects together reveal a powerful truth: the problems we face are not intractable, and the status quo is not inevitable.

Thank you to our collaborators

We are deeply appreciative of the many individuals who helped review the bold ideas submitted for the 2021-22 cycle. While the pool of reviewers changes cycle-to-cycle, their diverse array of insights deeply enriches our understanding of the potential of the ideas. Along with continued support from our TED colleagues, as well as partners including, The Bridgespan Group, the Climate Leadership Initiative, and the Science Philanthropy Alliance, the perspectives shared by this extended network of experts (listed below) are invaluable to the process. 

Andrew Bastawrous

Camiilo Ramirez

Claudia Miner

Courtney Fieldman

Damian Patterson

Efosa Ojomo

George Wang

Hayling Price

Heather McGray

James J. Collins

Jennifer E Snead

Jennifer Klein

Jennifer Zhu Scott

Joy Ruwodo

Julie Cordua

Kiah Williams

Lance Stewart

Mark Rodgers

Mathilde Mansoz

Matt Elliott

Nassim Assefi

Oyewale Tomori

Pardis Sabeti

Rachel Heredia

Rebecca Firth

Robin Steinberg

Safeena Husain

Sara Law

Sheila Davis

Shruti Ganguly

Steve Reifenberg

Tessa Robertson

Tyler Cowen

Wolfgang Busch

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