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November 29, 2022

The Audacious Project

Put some Audacity into your giving season!

Here’s how to give boldly by supporting the work of Audacious grantees making a big impact. 

One Acre Fund is this year’s grand prize winner of two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof’s 2022 Holiday Impact Prize. This opportunity will support climate resilience efforts for smallholder farmers, including training on climate-smart farming and mass tree planting. Support their proven model that has lifted millions of farm families out of poverty, and help fuel One Acre Fund's growth to 10M clients by 2030. Give here. 

The Bail Project achieved a major milestone this year securing freedom for its 26,000th client. Their National Revolving Bail Fund has posted over $71 million in bail assistance, reuniting thousands of individuals with their families and communities. With 92% of their clients making court appearances—with no financial incentive your support has never been more critical to securing a more equitable, and humane pretrial system. Give here 

Institute of Protein Design is fueling a protein design revolution to solve 21st-century problems in medicine and beyond - including in vaccine development. This year they developed a protein-based COVID-19 vaccine that doesn't require refrigeration and has been fully approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Learn how you can support the creation of medicines and materials through computational design here. 

World Central Kitchen has provided immediate food relief to those in need in communities facing disasters and conflict across the globe, including humanitarian response to the war in Ukraine, the flooded villages of Pakistan, and post the devastating tropical storms in Venezuela to name a few. Help them support those most in need - donate today

Center for Policing Equity believes the path to justice begins with data. They gather and analyze behaviors within public safety systems to help communities achieve safer policing outcomes. One example of how they are putting this data to work is in their partnership with the City of St. Louis the city where Michael Brown, an unarmed Black teenager, was killed by police eight years ago. Learn more about how CPE is working with the community, police department, and government officials to redesign public safety in this blog and donate to support this critical work. 

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team is partnering with businesses and organizations to create real impact for under-mapped communities that are left out of the world maps, and thus critical development plans and humanitarian assistance. Learn more about humanitarian mapping and the many ways you and your team can map for good today here. 

International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) has provided legal assistance to clients across 52 countries to date,  this as the number of people experiencing displacement reached a record 100 million worldwide. Support a growing network of advocates to defend the legal and human rights of refugees and displaced people around the world. Donate today. 

Code for America (CfA) has helped 2.8 million people access food benefits,  distributed $340 million in tax benefits, and cleared thousands of criminal records. That’s millions of American families that are now able to access food, flexible cash, and pursue a better life. That is their impact just this year and there's still so much more to do, help CfA build government systems that work for all. Support today.

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